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Cum Extraction With Step Mom Victoria Lobov


Victoria Lobov is always prepared. She’s ready with a word of advice when her children need it and unconventional solutions if that’s what their problems require. When Jonny joins her on the couch and tells her he’s having issues conceiving with his wife, the busty babe knows exactly what to do to help him. She’s even prepared with all the tools she’ll need to get the job done. Victoria thinks her step son just needs a cum extraction so he can fulfill his desire to start a family. He could go to the fertility clinic and pay thousands of dollars but why do all that when his step mom can handle it in their living room?

Out come her gloves from her pockets. Then the lube follows along. Victoria Lobov also keeps a small ziploc bag handy so she can get a good sample when all is said and done. To get the needed sample though, she knows she has to milk the hell out of Jonny’s dick. He can’t seem to get hard fast enough for her so Victoria whips out her big tits and invites her step son to play with them. His eyes widen in disbelief. He can’t believe his good fortune!

While Jonny drools over Victoria Lobov’s massive rack, she feverishly wanks his dick. Then she dips her head down and sucks his cock really fast before resuming her stroking. When Jonny came to his talk to his step mom, he certainly wasn’t expecting this kind of action but this is better than any boring advice she could ever give him. Victoria beats his meat repeatedly for him but he doesn’t give her the sample she wants. As soon as she lays the bag to the side though, a huge load flies all over the place. It happens in the blink of an eye and they don’t get sample! Now they just have to do it all over again….

Victoria Lobov from See Mom Suck
Victoria Lobov from See Mom Suck
Victoria Lobov from See Mom Suck
Victoria Lobov from See Mom Suck

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