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Vicky Vixxx And Krystal Orchid Bond Over A Large Prick


Nothing strengthens a family bond better than sharing a prick. Vicky Vixxx and Krystal Orchid know this which is why they make such a fantastic pair in this video from This isn’t just about seeing a mom put her mouth to good use on a lucky younger man, this is about seeing a step mom join forces with her horny step daughter to blow a man until he nuts harder than he ever has in his whole life. These two ladies play so well together that for a second you forget how taboo it is for them to even be sharing a dick in the first place!

The golden rule in Vicky Vixxx’s house is that her teen stepdaughter can’t hook up with guys in her house. Like a true teenager however, Krystal Orchid defies her. Actually, not only does she not listen to her step mom but she deliberately disrespects her by bringing a dude home and sucking him off in her parents bed! Now that’s a level of disrespect no parent would tolerate. Its no wonder then that Mrs. Vixxx is very pissed off when she walks in on the little cock sucker with her mouth glued to a big dick.

Krystal orchid and Vicky Vixxx for SeeMomSuck

She lectures Krystal Orchid for breaking the house rules but then she drops on the bed without an invitation and offers to teach the teen how to suck a dick. Vicky Vixxx is all over that dick before Krystal can even respond. She licks it up and down and teases the tip with her tongue before swallowing it whole, spitting it out and handing it to her step daughter. They pass it back and forth between each other and then suck it simultaneously until it spurts out a massive load of cum! Now that’s what we call true family bonding!


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