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Sara James Blows Her Fuck Boy Until He Pops


Sara James is ballsy. Yes she loves to play with men’s balls but she’s also very gutsy especially in this scene from where she calls over her fuck boy and sucks him off while her own husband is in the room next door. You have to be a special kind of bold to pull this off and evidently Ms. James is. She literally has her cake and eats it too and she looks pretty darn good as she does it. The real winner in this scene is this sexy cock sucking MILF who lays it all on the line just to feel a cock pumping into her mouth.

Joey is pleasantly surprised to get a call from Sara James inviting him over for a quick blowjob. He knows her hubby is home and doesn’t know how they’ll pull off the hook up but he can never turn down getting his dick sucked so he runs over to her place and one there, the slender blonde MILF makes him promise to be quiet as she pulls his dick from his pants and stuffs it into her mouth. She caresses his balls while sucking him off which brings the lucky guy even closer to a release.

Sara James has sucked Joey off plenty of times so she knows exactly what she needs to do to get him to cum hard so she presses her lips firmly around his throbbing dick head and tickles the tip of his dick with her tongue until she gets him right on the edge of cumming hard. Then she uses her hand to stroke him over the edge! With Joey crossing the finishing line, Ms. James can switch from slutty cock sucker back to sweet loving wife and her hubby wont be none the wiser about what just happened right under his nose!


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