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Tara Holiday And Ally Finish Joey Off With Their Mouths


What’s good for the daughter is good for mom too, at least that’s the message Tara Holiday is sending in this episode of where she not only successfully seduces her daughter’s boyfriend but she joins forces with her own daughter and together they suck the lucky guy off until he nuts all over their faces. This is one of the most intense but fun double blowjob videos to ever be released and by the time you get to the end, you’ll be blowing your own load further than Joey blew his!

Tara Holiday has lusted after Joey for forever but never made a move on him out of respect for her daughter but that respect flies right out of the window the second she finds herself alone in a room with him. She wants him to fuck her so bad but he’s a little hesitant because he doesn’t want Ally to find out so the older woman offers to mouth fuck him and she’s in the midst of doing just that when Ally walks in on them and catches her with a mouthful of her boyfriend’s cock.

Hurt and disappointed, Ally doesn’t know what else to do but to join the horny duo on the couch so the twosome turns into a threesome as the mother and daughter tag team to tackle Joey’s big cock. Tara Holiday takes the lead and sucks the cock while Ally munches on the balls and then they switch positions before crushing the cock from side to side with their mouths at the same time. The intense pressure from two mouths causes Joey to explode and when he does, he drenches both their pretty faces with jizz.


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