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Kriss Kelly : Honor Thy Step Mom


The eleventh commandment is that you should honor thy step mom by fucking her face until she can barely breath. At least that’s what Joey attempts to do in this very fun cock sucking video from when he hooks up with Kriss Kelly, his orally fixated step mom. He’s just going about his business when the mature babe approaches him and asks him to whip out his dick so she can see just how big it is and before he can even process what’s going on, she’s on her knees sucking and stroking his dick until he cums hard all over her glasses and gigantic juggs!

Kriss Kelly has always had a thing for her step son but never acted on it until this particular day when her curiosity about his dick gets the best of her and she boldly approaches him and declares how much she’d love to feel his dick ramming down her throat. If he’s surprised by the older woman’s boldness, he does a good job of hiding it but what he can’t hide is the bulge forming in his pants. His step mom notices it too and she reaches over into his crotch region and starts massaging his erection before popping it into her mouth.

Joey’s cock tastes as good as Kriss Kelly imagined it would and the more she tastes it, the more she wants it deeper into her mouth so she strokes the hard prick while shoving it in her mouth and as inch by inch disappears into her wet and warm mouth, the busty step mom’s own twat gets even wetter. She doesn’t attend to her own needs though, choosing to focus on her step son’s big dick which she tugs and sucks until he bursts all over her, drenching her big boobs with his creamy jizz.


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