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Kasey Storm: Watch Me Suck My Hubby


Blowjob 101 with Kasey Storm is in session in this video and the hot blonde MILF isn’t holding back at all. This is her chance to show her step daughter how to properly suck a dick and the sexy babe intends to share all her knowledge with the impressionable younger chick. Instead of merely teaching her step daughter the tips and tricks she needs to get a man off with her mouth, she offers her a live demonstration by sucking off her hubby until he pops all over her tits. The amazing blowjob leaves her daughter’s jaw on the floor as she watches in total shock nearby.

Its a mother’s job to prepare her daughter for any situation and this is a job Kasey Storm takes seriously so when her step daughter approaches her with questions about orally pleasing a man, the experienced cock sucker decides to share her sacred tips and tricks. She talks to her horny step daughter about how a cock should be stroked and caressed during the actual act of sucking but then decides that a live demonstration would be far more effective so she invites her hubby to join them and then proceeds to blow his cock as her step daughter watches.

The blonde goddess starts off by stroking the big cock until it gets really hard, then she licks the head, slurping up all the pre-cum before suddenly cramming as much of the fat prick as she can into her mouth. It hits the back of her throat causing her eyes to roll back in her skull as she savors every inch of it, then she pops it out her mouth and sucks the head while stroking the bottom half of the cock and stroking the balls. Her cock sucking skills are impeccable and it doesn’t take her long to make her hubby cum! Kasey Storm is the perfect teacher when it comes to blowjob lessons!


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