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Two Brunettes Tackle A Giant Prick With Their Mouths


Memo to any woman out there thinking about orally pleasing Mr. Franklin – you can never do as good a job as his wife does so please don’t even try. This is something his step daughter Ashley learns the hard way in this episode from when she goes down on her horny step dad only for the wife to show up and steal the spotlight from her with her mind blowing cock sucking skills. Pam is shocked to find her daughter blowing her man’s cock but she quickly recovers from her shock and proceeds to show her how to properly suck a dick!

Pam is away on a business trip when her horny husband decides that he simply can’t wait for her to return in order to get a blowjob which is why he turns to his step daughter and asks to be serviced. The younger girl is not as experienced as his wife is but she’s a good enough to get him off for now and so she pops his dick out right in the living room and starts gobbling it down. Her sucking session is interrupted halfway when Pam returns unexpectedly and this is the exact moment things take an interesting turn.

The older brunette is stunned to find her daughter going down on her husband but she’s also very turned on so she pushes Ashley to the side, grabs her hubby’s dick and starts drooling all over it. Ashley simply can’t stand on the sidelines though so she joins Pam and the two of them tag team Mr. Franklin’s cock and balls, with Pam taking the lead and showing the younger brunette how her hubby likes his dick sucked. This cock sucking showdown between the two brunettes ends in a cum surprise you have to see to believe!


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