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Stacie Starr Shows Pike What Her Mouth Can Do


Fact: Moms do embarrassing things. Sometimes intentionally. Like Stacie Starr, the busty brunette who likes to hit on her son’s friends. Today, this horny Milf has her sight set on Pike and come hell or high water, she’s determined to get his dick in her mouth. Billy is so used to his mom’s whorish behavior that the second she starts flirting with his best friend, he leaves the room. Is he disgusted? Of course he is! You wouldn’t like it if your mom was brazenly coming onto one of your buddies, would you?

Billy’s storming off doesn’t stop Stacie Starr’s momentum however. In fact, now that he’s gone, she moves on full speed ahead with her plans to seduce Pike. The even hornier younger man is long overdue for a mouth fuck and when Stacie pops her big tits out of her blouse, he can’t help but latch onto them. This is exactly what she wants. She generously gives him plenty of time to enjoy her tits and then the mature babe goes down on her knees for some mouth to cock action.

If there is one thing Stacie Starr excels at, its making dicks pop with her mouth. Pike’s should be an easy walk in the park. Its already hard and a few licks make it even harder. Stacie uses a threeway combination of sucking, stroking and tit fucking to get the lucky dude to the finish line. Then she presses his throbbing dick up against her soft boobies and jerks him off until he bursts all over them! If there were any doubts whether Stacie has still got it, this scene puts those doubts to rest.

blowjob lesson from See Mom Suck
blowjob lesson from See Mom Suck
blowjob lesson from See Mom Suck
blowjob lesson from See Mom Suck

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