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Kylie Monroe Loves Sucking On Shaggy’s Massive Dong


Older women suck cock better. This isn’t up for debate. Kylie Monroe proves it in this smokin’ hot scene where she goes down on a much younger guy. He happens to be her daughter’s boyfriend but that doesn’t stop her from crossing that line. Her daughter is constantly bragging about the size of her man’s dick so the hot MILF decides to see for herself if its all that its cracked up to be. Her eyes bulge in disbelief when Shaggy swings his dong out of his pants. He’s packing some major inches and Kylie can’t wait to cram it all in her mouth.

How much of the massive dick can Kylie Monroe swallow at once? She pushes the envelope right from the jump. She can certainly swallow a good portion of it but not the whole thing. It’s just too big for her. So the talented cock sucker concentrates on just giving Shaggy the best blowjob he’s ever gotten. She licks his dick up and down and then zeroes in on his dick head. Its the holy grail if she expects to make the young man nut so she tickles it with her tongue.

Shaggy’s cock head responds very positively to Kylie Monroe’s tongue and warm mouth. She’s blowing him in a way that his own girlfriend never would. To spice up things, Kylie rubs his big dick all over her tits. The whole time she’s sucking him off, Kylie tells Shaggy how much she loves his big cock. Hearing that is good for his ego. It also pushes him closer to a release and when he’s ready to cum, he explodes all over the hot babe’s glasses.

Kylie Monroe from See Mom Suck
Kylie Monroe from See Mom Suck
Kylie Monroe from See Mom Suck
Kylie Monroe from See Mom Suck

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