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Carey Riley Pays Back A Debt With Her Mouth


Don’t adjust your volume. That sound you hear is Carey Riley intensely savoring Joey’s monster prick. The sexy blonde Milf walks in on the younger man doing some chores. He thinks her daughter is going to pay her but she knows her daughter is broke and doesn’t have the funds to pay him for his services. She breaks the bad news to the hot stud and he’s heartbroken but before he can ditch the job and move onto one that actually pays, Mrs. Riley offers to pay him with a blowjob. To say that his mind is blown to pieces by the offer is an understatement! This sounds way better than cash.

So Joey agrees to Carey Riley’s offer. He does have one condition though, his mom and Mrs. Riley’s daughter are never to know about this oral transaction. The older babe is very good at keeping secrets so she agrees and then hurriedly frees Joey’s prick from the confines of his pants. He can barely conceal his amusement as he watches the blonde cock sucker lose her mind over his huge cock. She noisily slurps on it as she greedily tries to taste every inch of the massive member.

Joey definitely approves of the older babe’s reaction to his dick. He sits down to give Carey Riley better access to his huge dick. The gratitude on her face shows when she looks up at him while sucking him off. She’s clearly been obsessing about his dick for a while. Joey instructs her which part of his dick to focus on and when she follows his instructions, it pays off big time for her! You should see how good Mrs. Riley looks with cum all over her glasses.

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