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Trisha Swallows Shares A Massive Pecker With Autumn Winters


This site is called See Mom Suck but for this smokin’ hot scene, we’ll temporarily amend that to see mom share a big dick. Why? Because that’s exactly what Trisha Swallows does! Yes, she swallows the large prick but when her daughter walks in on her mid-swallowing, she’s nice enough to share too. She’s that good of a mother! Of course the man she’s busted sucking off is her daughter’s own boyfriend but that’s just a technicality both ladies ignore as they go ham on his dick.

MILF Trisha Swallows swallowing a giant pecker

When Trisha Swallows walks in on Joey masturbating, she pretends to be mad. She’s told him before not to jerk off in her house but clearly he chose to ignore her. Well, ignoring her has consequences and in that case, it means surrending his big dick to her. The horny mature babe intends to give him a thorough mouth lashing that’ll drain his balls. Maybe if the young man’s balls are empty, he won’t jerk off in her house again.

MILF Trisha Swallows sharing a cock with her daughter

With that in mind, the older babe gets on her knees and starts slobbering all over Joey’s big dick. She licks it up and down and side to side. As Trisha Swallows savors every inch of Joey’s large prick, Autumn Winters walks in on her but instead of demanding an apology from her mom for encroaching on her terrority, the brunette teen gets on her knees and joins her slutty mom in sucking Joey off! Scandalous doesn’t even begin to describe this mom and daughter cock sucking threesome which ends with the younger man spraying his jizz all over the mature cocksucker!

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