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Margo and Kaylee feverishly slobber over a hard rod


“Would you both shut up and blow me?!”
That’s all Margo and Kaylee hear as Margo’s man drags both their heads down on his dick. The two babes are bickering over who’s the better cock sucker and he prefers that they show him instead of just talking about it. The older blonde gets first dibs on the hard cock, on account of it being her man and all but she puts on a mediocre show. All that changes when the brace-faced teen steps up to the plate to get her licking on. Holy hell does she show off and show out. She twirls her tongue around the dick and almost makes the man nut on the spot.

margo measuring cock
margo sucking cock

Kaylee is also very good at following instructions so when the man tells her to take the dick deeper, to the back of her throat it goes with no hesitation at all. The teen definitely wants to show that she’s the better woman in the cock sucking department and right now, she’s scoring way ahead of Margo. But the older babe is not about to be outdone by someone not nearly as experienced as she is.

Margo and Kaylee blowjob contest
Margo and Kaylee sharing a cock

So, after watching teen Kaylee run circles around her man’s dick, Margo bounces back with her best mouth game to date. She deepthroats her man’s cock and even goes down to suck on his balls. She looks him straight in the eye as her mouth swallows his manhood and spits it out. Turns out this older whore was saving her best for last and when it matters most, Margo outshines Kaylee. The man though gets to have the last word and he declares the winner of this cock sucking contest by covering in her jizz. Who won? Watch the video at to find out!

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