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Daisy and Christa share a large uncut prick


Daisy is finally ready to take things to the blowjob level with her man. But if she thinks she’s going to make that journey solo, she’s sadly mistaken because her mom Christa invites herself along. Together, the two of them take on Daisy’s boyfriend and show him that two mouths are better than one mouth any day of the week. Things are understandably a little awkward at first. The dude doesn’t know how to react when his girl’s mom sucks him off but Christa is so good with her mouth that the awkwardness melts away instantly when she starts blowing the lucky guy.

Mom and daughter sharing cock
Mom and daughter sharing cock

Then in typical mom style, Christa goes into teaching mode. She wants to make sure Daisy knows how to give a good blowjob. So, she gives her tips and pointers. She also closely monitors the inexperienced cock sucker and critiques her sucking. It’s a lot of pressure on Daisy but she actually holds her own. Both her mom and boyfriend remind her to watch her teeth as she sucks down on the rock solid pecker but overall, Daisy isn’t half bad.

Mom and daughter sharing cock
Mom and daughter sharing cock

Of course she’s no match for Christa but then again, the mature babe has been sucking dicks for so much longer than the teen. The duo bounce the uncut prick back and forth between them and together they savor it to the max. At the end of the day though, this is Daisy’s man so she gets to perform the finale. The blonde teen hunkers down and sucks really hard until her man nuts all over her glasses!

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