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Cheating Mom And Daughter Duo Take On A Big Dick


Can I play with your dick? That’s an offer no man in his right mind would ever turn down. Mr. Franklin is no fool so when busty Ashley offers to play with his dong, he quickly pulls it out of his pants and surrenders it to her. The older man is there to see the teen’s mom but she’s not home and the top heavy teen is coming onto him rather heavily. He could fight her off but he gives in and its right when she’s in the midst of deepthroating his fat cock that Pam walks in.

MILF Pam giving head

Her jaw drops to the floor in disbelief. She can’t believe that her own daughter would dare to suck off her boyfriend, especially not right in her living room. But that’s exactly where the action is happening. Her shock is replaced with a tingling sensation in between her legs though as soon as her eyes land on Mr. Franklin’s huge member. All anger is cast to the side as Pam joins Ashley on the floor and together they set out on a mission to get the hung older man across the finish line with their mouths!

MILF Pam and her teen daughter sharing a cock

Mr. Franklin thought getting head from the teen felt good but it doesn’t feel as good as when Pam does it. She’s more experienced and she knows exactly how he likes his cock sucked. Ashley isn’t about to be sidelined though so she licks the older man’s balls while her mom slobbers all over the big pecker and together, they bring him to the edge. Then mom moves in for the finale but she reserves Mr. Franklin’s load for her daughter’s boobies.

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