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Raquel Raxxx Teaches Chloe Skyy How To Finish Off A Man


Big Boob Mom and Daughter SuckingThe Raquel Raxxx household has one rule – no blowjobs without approval. Chloe Skyy breaks that golden rule by blowing her boyfriend without prior approval and Ms. Raxxx is non too pleased about it. She’s actually rather pissed at the teen for violating her rule but then she joins the couple on the bed and proceeds to suck the lucky man’s cock. A few licks up and down the rock solid pecker and the busty mom’s verdict is in: this cock is approved!

That’s when things take a very interesting turn. As this video from shows, Raquel Raxxx doesn’t leave the room after getting in a few licks of the cock, instead she joins forces with Chloe Skyy and together they treat the teen’s boyfriend to a double blowjob. First Raquel orally services him and then she passes the dick to Chloe who shyly sucks it. She’s nervous about giving head in front of her mother but the older babe cheers her on from the sideline and soon the teen regains her confidence and totally blows her man’s socks off with her mouth game.

You can tell that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree because Chloe Skyy sucks cock as well as Raquel Raxxx does. In fact, she almost overshadows her which is why Ms. Raxxx pulls out her gigantic tits, crams the cock in between them and then sucks it while titjobbing it. The titjob and blowjob combo is what pushes the dude over the edge causing him to shoot his load all over the busty brunette’s hair! Now that’s how you finish a guy off!


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