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Nikki Sixxx Blows Her Daughter’s Man


Hot mom Nikki Sixxx must have balls of steel because what she does with her daughter’s man takes guts! No mother in law would ever cross the line this lady crosses in this insane video from but Nikki is too horny to care. She brazenly seduces her son in law, leads him to her bedroom where she undresses him and then lays a jaw dropping mouth smackdown on his prick. The poor guy is torn between enjoying the blowjob from the very experienced mature cock sucker and being loyal to his wife but in the end, his desire to fuck a warm mouth overrides his guilt!

Every man deserves a mother in law as awesome as Nikki Sixxx. She goes the extra mile for people she cares about even though it may mean encroaching on her own daughter’s territory. Today is such a day when she invites over her son in law to fix her computer but as soon as he shows up, the horny mature woman walks him to her bedroom and immediately starts giving him head. Before the poor guy can even recover from his shock, Mrs. Sixxx gets naked in front of him and the sight of her fit body and perky tits sends jolts through his body.

He had no idea his own mother in law looked that good underneath all her clothes. Her sexy body turns him on so much that his dick hardens even more which pleases Nikki Sixxx. She resumes sucking him off while feverishly rubbing her own moist shaved cunt. Multi-tasking comes very easily to this mature blonde cocksucker so she’s able to not only get herself off but get her daughter’s husband off too at the same time!


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