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Blonde Mom and Daughter Duo Share A Prick And Cum


Shelly is a very naughty MILF on the prowl for a prick to suck and tug. Lucky for her, Mikey is up for some fun. He thinks he’s getting his dick sucked by one blonde but he gets treated to the two for one special when the hot MILF invites her daughter to join them in this very hot scene from The two blondes make a rather fascinating team and they’ve clearly got this sharing thing down real good because they pass the dick back and forth between them with perfect co-ordination and even get to share a thick load of cum!

There so many things Roxy would love to do with her mom but sharing a dick with her is certainly not one of them. Her mom is very persistent though and insists on the two of them bonding over Mikey’s dick. The younger babe isn’t too thrilled about this particular double blowjob but her chilliness thaws just a bit each time she licks the fat prick in front of her. Soon, she’s actually enjoying getting mouth fucked by the older man.

When she’s too afraid to deepthroat the hard cock, Shelly comes to her rescue by pushing her head down on the pecker and holding it there so Roxy can feel the dick head hitting the back of her mouth. Then mom takes on the balls and while she sucks them, her now confident daughter sucks the dick up and down. Their sucking and stroking pushes Mickey over the edge causing him to explode all over Roxy’s round tits and face!


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