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Tracy Licks Slobbers All Over A Huge Prick


Billy could use a hand, literally. He’s horny as fuck but he can’t take one more day of wanking his own meat. He doesn’t have the balls to ask Tracy Licks for a hand so instead he goes about it the passive aggressive way. He whips his huge prick out and starts stroking it while the horny older woman watches. Billy knows that if he keeps it in her line of sight, she won’t be able to resist it for long. As this super hot video from shows, he’s right on the money!

Tracy Licks spots the horny younger man jerking himself off in the living room and she’s livid as hell because she’s warned him about pleasuring himself in her living room before but clearly all her warnings fell on deaf ears. Her anger turns to surprise which morphs into curiosity the closer she gets to the dick. She can see just how massive it is and since she’s the ultimate size queen, she decides there and then that she must have the big dick in her mouth.

She grabs a hold of it and jerks it hard, much to Billy’s delight and then she challenges herself to cram as much of it as she can inside her mouth. Its one of the bigger dicks she’s ever come across and even she has some doubts about fitting it all into her mouth but Tracy Licks is always up for anything and so she opens her mouth wide and shoves the big dick inside, slobbering all over it like its a tasty treat. Her sucking is so good that it brings Billy to the edge and then the nasty mature cock sucker uses a sucking and stroking combo to send him over the edge!


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