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Blonde Mommy Shares a Fat Dick with Teen Daughter


Breanna posing with MomEveryone knows that sharing is caring but Breanna and her mom take it to the next level by not only sharing a fat dick but also the cum that shoots out of that fat prick. They don’t care about being judged. They don’t even care that moms don’t usually share penises with their daughters. This duo of blondes is too horny and too cum starved that they dive right in and put their mouths to good use. The double blowjob is more of a chance for mom to dispense some valuable head giving tips to her daughter and help her improve her head game.

As this smoldering hot video from shows, Breanna sure could use the tips when it comes to giving oral and her mom is the best teacher to help her learn how to properly polish a dick. The older blonde storms into the living room and interrupts her daughter as she orally services her man. The mother is instantly turned on by the huge erect prick staring back at her and she immediately knows she must get in on the action. Her generous daughter makes room for her mom on the floor never thinking for one second her own mother will steal the spotlight from her.

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She clearly underestimates her mom’s boldness because when its the mature babe’s turn on that hard knob, she leaves no stone unturned as she slobbers all over the hard pecker. Her daughter watches her in awe and studies her cock sucking technique from the sidelines. Then Breanna steps up to the cock on more time and sucks it hard as her mom pushes her head down on the prick so she can swallow as much of it as possible. The cock sucking blonde mom then takes over and sucks the cock to completion. Then things take a turn into kinky lane when mom spits a mixture of cum and saliva all over her daughter’s boobies!


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