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Jealous Leilani Lei Sucks Off Her Daughter’s Boyfriend


Who needs enemies with a mother like Leilani Lei? The cock craving, ball munchng MILF is on the prowl for fresh cock and she finds some in between Ben’s legs. The only problem is he happens to be her daughter’s boyfriend but because the older babe is horny and quite desperate to feel a dick slamming into her mouth, she overlooks this one tiny detail and immediately gets down on her knees to show her daughter’s man what her mouth can do. As this sizzling hot scene from shows, Ben absolutely loves what she does to him with just her lips and hands.

What exactly does she do? She licks his big cock up and down until it hardens in her hands, then she pops the head into her mouth and savors it while her hands freely roam around the length of the cock, discovering all of Ben’s sweet spots. He’s at her disposal to do as she pleases with him and what Leilani Lei wants more than anything is to taste his creamy jizz so she tickles his dick with her tongue and then her mouth travels further down to his balls which she crams into her mouth and sucks on lovingly.

Sucking on balls isn’t as satisfying as having a pulsating dick in her mouth so Leilani Lei works her way back to the tip of the cock which she shoves into her mouth along with a few more inches of Ben’s cock. She can feel his dick at the back of her throat which turns her on big time so she sucks him off faster and faster until he pulls out of her mouth and shoots his load across her face drenching her glasses with cum. Now they have a dirty little secret that her daughter isn’t aware of and must never know about!


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