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Sally D’Angelo Gets Off A Younger Man With Her Mouth


What Sally D’Angelo wants, she always gets and right now she’s got her eyes on her granddaughter’s boyfriend and she intends to have her way with him one way or another. The naughty granny with big boobs puts her juicy massive juggs to good use as she shamelessly flirts with the much younger dude in this video from and her charms work because he drops his pants and gives her unrestricted access to his cock which she sucks and strokes until it bursts. This is a blowjob this young man will definitely never forget!

There is nothing talking seductively while flashing a little cleavage can’t accomplish as Sally D’Angelo discovers when she goes on the prowl for some cock to suck on. The busty granny knows that her grand daughter is out of the house but she left her boyfriend behind and since the younger girl wont be back for a while, the horny babe decides to take advantage of her absence to seduce her man. She waltzes into the bedroom where the guy is and makes herself comfy in between his legs. Then she reaches for his cock and massages it while talking on the phone.

A huge smile crosses her face when she notices the impact of her rub down on the bulging cock so she pulls the guy’s pants off and sinks her mouth on the big cock, closing her eyes briefly as she gets her first taste of his manhood. It definitely tastes as good as she imagined it would so she sucks it hard while stroking it at the same time and because she’s Sally D’Angelo, she doesn’t stop sucking until every last bit of jizz is out of the man’s cock and balls.


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