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Tracy Licks Sucking Off a Male Model


Tracy-Licks-blowjobTracy Licks is a well respected photographer and one of the many perks of her job is that it brings her into contact with hot younger male models. Russell is one such model and today he has a session with the smoking hot blonde milf but once she sets eyes on him, her inner lusty nympho takes over and she knows she absolutely must wrap her lips around his cock. The ever determined older cock sucker accomplishes that mission in this episode from where photography gets pushed off the agenda and cock sucking and cum slurping take center stage.

Russell is about to get lucky and he doesn’t even know it. He shows up for what he thinks is an ordinary photo shoot with a reputable photographer but a few poses into their session together, the very horny Tracy Licks tells him to drop his pants so she can take nude pictures of him, something he does more than willingly. The nude photo session gives way to a cock sucking so thorough that it catches the lucky model off guard but he makes no move to stop it.

Tracy-Licks-sucking-cock Tracy-Licks-milf-blowjob Tracy-Licks-giving-head

He watches as the experienced mature babe grabs his hard dick and strokes it while simultaneously slurping the pre-cum forming on the head. Tracy Licks is so good with her mouth that a few tongue circles around Russell’s throbbing cock head are enough to bring him to the edge of a massive explosion. He manages to fight the urge to cum but when the blonde cock sucker pops his cock into her mouth and blows it while sucking her cheeks in, the hung model has no option but to burst his nut!


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