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David Blows His Load on Serena’s Face


mature blonde gets facialedSerena loves sucking on big cocks especially those attached to younger men and David happens to have one of those dangling in between his legs so when the two cross paths, it’s only natural for them to hook up. The younger guy is now fully legal and the only fitting way to celebrate his legal status is by getting his dick sucked by a mature, experienced woman. As you can see from this episode of, he definitely already has a willing mature woman ready to suck him off and introduce him to manhood the right way.

How do you celebrate finally turning legal? You could grab a drink, depending on your state or you could hang out with your buddies doing random shit or if you’re as smart as David, you hook up with an older woman and let her suck the living daylights out of your prick. Yes, option C makes so much more sense especially given how incredibly talented Serena is with her mouth and seeing her vacuum David’s long cock with her mouth will give you an instant boner!

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Serena knows that slow and steady wins the race and so she takes it easy on David. She can tell how super excited he is to be getting a blowjob from a mature woman and moving faster would make him blow his load in a New York minute which is why she settles for a slow but steady sucking and she uses her tongue to lick precum off the younger man’s dick before cramming it back into her mouth and sucking the head hard while stroking the length of the shaft until he literally explodes all over her face!


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