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Breanna and Mom Mouth to Mouth Cum Swap


Breanna and her mom give a blowjobAs a teen, Breanna has no business sucking off any man but like most teens, that is something she does rather frequently with her man and she’s never been caught in the act until this particular day when her mom walks in on her with a cock jammed right into her mouth. As this video from shows, her mom is not just pissed because her daughter is officially no longer as innocent as she thought but she’s mad as hell because her teen daughter gets to suck on a yummy hard dick and she doesn’t but Breanna is very good at sharing and she gladly shares not just her man’s dick but his cum with her mom!

Breanna is really good at giving blowjob but not nearly as good as her mom and so when her mom decides to teach how to properly suck off a cock, the blonde teen cutie with pigtails pays close attention. Her mom is a certified cock sucker who can do all sorts of naughty things to a cock with her mouth and the busty blonde teen watches in awe as her mom slobbers all over her man’s cock.

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Then when it’s Breanna’s turn to step up to the plate, her horny mom hovers behind her and guides her as she strokes her boyfriend’s cock and then she cheers her on while giving her pointers when it comes to sucking his throbbing dick. The two women tag team his cock and jerk it real good while sucking it too and when he cums in the mom’s mouth, she spits the cum in her daughter’s mouth and on her face!

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