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Mom Makala and Teen JC Both Suck

Mom Makala and her daughter JC share popcorn and an XXX movie


In case you missed an episode that our member’s voted as one of the hottest on, we’re going to recap it for you. Mom Makala and her teen daughter JC suck on the same cock!

Teen JC and her boyfriend were in her bed about to watch a movie they rented. JC’s mom Makala told the couple she would make them some popcorn and join them. “Shit, she’s going to join us.” The boyfriend complained to JC. It was there plan to watch a porn movie and be alone in their bed together so they could play. Now it looks like that won’t be possible and any hopes for sexual satisfaction had been tossed out the window.

Mom Makala starts to fondler her daughter's boyfriend's cockMom Makala is stroking a young cock as daughter JC looks onMom Makala shows her daughter JC how to suck cock

Makala came back with the bowl of popcorn and hit play on the movie. “Oh shit,” JC’s boyfriend thought to himself as the video began to play. Before he could even finish his thought the title of the movie came onto the TV screen. In big, bold, and bright letters was “Amazing XXX Blowjobs.” Immediately after that was a woman down on her knees and sucking a hard cock. Makala couldn’t believe what type of movie her daughter was going to watch alone with her boyfriend. She was just about to scold her when her pussy twitched. Makala saw the blowjob on TV and couldn’t help staring and becoming wet. It’s been so long since she’s felt a cock and the XXX movie was getting to her.

Makala reached over and placed her hand onto her daughter’s boyfriend’s crotch. She started massaging his dick through his pants. JC was shocked and yelled at her mother. But, she didn’t stop her. In fact, it kind of turned JC on to see her mom start fondling her boyfriend’s penis. That’s when JC reached out her hand and helped her mom bring her boyfriend to a massive erection. The two babes then took off the young man’s pants and began stroking his bare dick. They were working as a team, a mom and daughter team, to satisfy the incredibly lucky young stud. “Let me show you how to give a good blowjob, JC.” Makala said to her daughter as she started moving her mouth towards the hard cock.

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