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Valerie Rose keeps it in the family by sucking off her stepson


Valerie Rose to the rescue! This hot GILF may as well wear a cape because she’s a superhero. At least to her stepson. The younger guy swallows dick pills in an attempt to impress his girl but she ghosts him, leaving him with a boner and no relief in sight. He’s desperate to get some relief so he goes to his stepmom for help. He should know better though because she’s a grade A slut who only offers unconventional advice. Her take on this whole situation is not surprising therefore. She suggests that giving the younger man head is the only way to cure his erection.

MILF Valerie Rose sucking off her stepson

But wait, the madness is just getting started. As Valerie Rose kisses and caresses her step son’s dick, she suddenly gets this brilliant idea to call in her stepdaughter to watch her giving head. Pretty crazy, right?! But this is one horny group that likes to keep it all in the family. Sunny is disgusted that she has to watch her stepmom service her brother but she also wants to pick up some cock sucking tips so she dutifully sits nearby and watches.

GILF Valerie Rose porn

This scene takes the title SeeMomSuck literally because Sunny doesn’t bat an eyelash as she watches Valerie Rose greedily slurping up her brother’s precum. She doesn’t even look sideways when the older babe deepthroats that big dick and the impressionable teen watches keenly as the mature babe’s mouth travels down to the balls for some fun. When its all said and done, the stepson shows his gratitude by exploding all over his stepmom and covering her with his creamy load.

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