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Older Woman And Teen In Intense Double Suck Action


mature babe and teen suck a dickPam and Keegan are the queen and princess of double sucking action and if you need proof of this, check out the moves they put on the teen’s professor in this episode from Keegan is failing her class and she’s desperate to get her grades up but instead of working her ass off the old fashioned way, the slutty teen decides to give her teacher head and she brings her step mom on board to help her get the task accomplished.

What Keegan doesn’t know is that her step mom Pam is a certified head doctor who can vacuum a cock clean in a matter of minutes and she takes great pride in showing off her oral skills to the naive teen. The older woman holds the base of the thick cock as she licks the sensitive head and then she jacks the cock while sucking it at the same time. Then she holds it steady for the inexperienced teen as she pushes her head down with the other hand making her to swallow as much of the big cock as her mouth can handle.

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The duo then join forces with each one sucking one side of the throbbing cock and then they take turns sucking him off before resuming with the double suck action. The teacher has never received a double blowjob from a stepmother and her teen daughter so this is a treat and to show his appreciation, he bursts his nut all over the two ladies. You can see Keegan getting her grades up the non conventional way, with some help from her stepmother only at

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