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Amber says, Mommy Made Me

MILF Sara wants to see a young man's cock and tugs at his jeans


This week we’re going to recap one of the episodes that the members of have voted popular. Amber’s boyfriend comes over and is greeted by Amber’s mom Sara who immediately comes on to the young stud!

Amber is a cute teen girl with blonde hair that she always wears in pigtails. Her mom, Sara, is an older version of Amber with bigger tits. Both women are stunning and very sexually aggressive. Mike, Amber’s boyfriend, is about to find that out for himself.

MILF Sara sucks on the cock of a younger guy Mother and daughter give a blowjob to a young guy at the same time Taboo mother and daughter blowjob

Amber invited her boyfriend Mike over to the house so they could spend some alone time. Amber didn’t know her mom would be staying home from work. When Mike arrived, Sara was just going to check if the mail had come and met Mike at the door. She invited the young stud into her home and immediately felt attracted to her daughter’s boyfriend. Not taking no for an answer, Sara convinced the young man to quickly take out his cock so that she could suck him off before sending him upstairs to her daughter.

Sara began sucking on her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock and the young man was almost instantly hard from the hot MILF’s warm mouth. He started bucking his hips to meet her head bobbing up and down and was just getting into it when he noticed his girlfriend walk in the room. She started yelling at both of them, but Sara, being the perverted mom that she is, convinced Amber to settle down. When she was settled, Sara pushed it even further and convinced Amber to help her suck on the young man’s cock. Mike just kept his mouth shut the entire time, which was a very smart move!

Unbelievable to Mike, both the hot MILF and her daughter began sucking his dick. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect this to happen to him. He was so turned on that he felt like exploding all over the faces of the two babes, but he did everything he could to prolong the taboo moment.

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