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Mrs. Valentina Seduces the Neighbor


Mrs. Valentina in a tiny blue bikini showing off her big boobs

In case you missed one of the episodes from that our members voted a favorite of theirs, we’re going to recap it here for you. In this full length video and high quality photo set we see Mrs. Valentina use her amazing breasts to seduce her neighbor and give him a blowjob!

Mrs. Valentina is the definition of the word MILF! She is a gorgeous redhead with big boobs, a slim waist, and a great ass. She’s wearing a tiny blue bikini that looks better on her than it would upon a twenty-something. This woman is sizzling hot! It’s no wonder she can’t stay loyal to one man. When you look like she does there are just too many options and sexual opportunities to ignore. That’s why this married woman has her eyes on the younger neighbor and his firm body. Mrs. Valentina is on the prowl!

Mrs. Valentina makes her neighbor touch her boobsMrs. Valentina takes out her huge boobs for the neighbor to play withMrs. Valentina sucks on the neighbors cock

She catches the younger man’s glance and waives at him to come over. She introduces herself saying “We’ve lived next door to each other for too long not to have talked.” The younger man agrees and tries to look her in the eye. But, her huge natural breasts keep drawing his stare downward. Mrs. Valentina doesn’t mind, in fact, she had hoped this would happen and she would get to add another notch to her bedpost. Boldly, Mrs. Valentina grabs the young man’s hand and places it on her breast. She tells him, “Go ahead and play with them.”

He doesn’t waste any time and before Mrs. Valentina can utter another word he has both of his hands on her breasts and even removes her bikini top. “Let me play too!” Mrs. Valentina says as she unzips the young man’s pants and drops to her knees in front of him. “I want to suck your young cock!” She says as she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking it to an erection. His semi limp shaft was fully erect in a matter of seconds. This MILF sure knows how to suck a good dick!

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